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Fireplace Construction in
South Scotland and Cumbria

Fireplace Construction

Eskdale Stoves & Fireplaces also offer an outstanding fireplace construction service. We take great pride in the high quality of service delivery and client satisfaction, the secret to which is developing close working relationships with clients. We can build or renovate your fireplace no matter what your design, space or materials requirements are.

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Chimney Restoration & Maintenance

Chimneys are usually the most exposed part of any home. Over time this means that wind, rain and frost can leave them in desperate need of a bit of TLC. Eskdale Stoves & Fireplaces can rebuild, restore and maintain your chimney to prevent damage and leakages.

Nobody understands the importance of a fully functional, efficient and safe chimney better than us. Whether you require a minor chimney repair, major repair or full chimney restoration, we have all the skills & tools you need for the job.

Tel: 07807 499 032